November 15, 2022

Dermagnostix at DxPx

An exciting week for Dermagnostix at the MEDICA and DxPx!


The market for molecular diagnostics is valued at almost 18 billion US dollars and it is doubtless that the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered not only tremendous developmental activities but has also ramped-up distribution activities of diagnostics around the globe. So, no need for us to explain to anyone any more what RNA-based tests are. 

Although therapeutics in dermatology are leading the list of best-selling drugs worldwide, molecular diagnostics in dermatology is still a sleeping giant. We realized that #dermatology is becoming a focus at MEDICA, but there is still a lot to do!

At our first presence at a trade fair, we showed our visitors how Dermagnostix targets unmet diagnostic needs and received a lot of positive feedback for our booth and our solution. Above all, meeting old friends and making new ones, was anyhow the best part.